What we do ...

Knowledge Motifs will help you find, manage, and preserve information resources spread across all of your varied data stores and information environments, e.g.
  • email, databases, personal computers, business machines & servers
  • text, data tables & spreadsheets, office-application documents & PDFs
  • audio, image, motion-picture, graphic, geospatial, and other media content
  • local, networked, internet, and cloud-based resources
  1. Analyze content

    Work with all the stakeholders in your organization to map how data is created, updated, found, used, stored, reported, and otherwise processed in the course of:

    • meeting the needs of clients, customers, staff, partners & vendors
    • dealing with governing bodies, bureaucracies & agencies

    Products can include mappings of both content and processing data, analysis of the potential for losing access to these resources, plus recommendations for development of effective service models, best practices & documentation.

  2. Deploy standards

    In the course of analyzing your content and processing data we can:

    • identify format, metadata, preservation & other appropriate standards
    • lay out practical, affordable approaches to applying these standards in your environment
    • recommend methods and procedures for developing and managing vocabularies, taxonomies, and/or ontologies as warranted by your data and workflows

  3. Develop strategic plans

    Help you plan how to identify, find, select, track, describe, link, and preserve your content and processing data in ways that will let you manage it as a flexible, accessible, long-lived knowledge store.

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