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Knowledge Motifs, LLC is an independent consulting group whose principals each have over twenty years of experience in traditional and digital libraries, digital archives, and content repositories. We know how to liaise both with content creators and information managers to help them shape, search, deliver and manage data-as-knowledge in non-profit and educational environments. 

We are committed to finding practical, efficient solutions to your information management problems by working within the context of your existing systems and services, as well as by helping you fold emerging technology trends into your future plans.

We offer practicable solutions to the problems you face in transforming your data stores into knowledge resources that can support the information services needed by your clients and the knowledge-based tools used by your staff.

Our services are grounded in established library and digital archive practice and technologies.  Our background includes:
  1. broad exposure to all facets of library and digital archive systems, e.g.
    • research libraries, special collections, and archives
    • legal libraries in law firms and universities
    • city, rural, and elementary school libraries

  2. in-depth experience in project design and management extending from simple tasks to multi-tiered programs in educational environments

  3. expertise focused on key information-based methodologies and the standards requisite to associated communities of practice

  4. extensive experience with national and international standards organizations

  5. wide-ranging analysis of emerging knowledge-management technologies
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